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Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Friday | 10AM - 5:30PM
Saturday | 10AM-5PM
Sunday - Monday | Closed



Meet the Team




Hunter R. Seymour, a young entrepreneur and third generation in his local Vermont family, has always had an passion for gemstones since the young age of just 13. As a first generation aspiring jeweler, Hunter quickly realized that entering the jewelry industry has several barriers to entry which are typically overcome by family already being in the industry. As he typically does, Hunter took the road less traveled and started out making his mark in the jewelry industry one small step at a time. At the young age of just 17, with the help of his dad, they converted a tiny house the two had been working on to be the “first” Hunter’s Fine Jewelry. Again, Hunter quickly realized the struggles of a home business and the logistics of building a customer base, in an industry that is usually filled with glittering large stores and sparkly chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, he quickly shifted gears. In march of 2019, less than one year out of high school, Hunter met with a locally known developer Joseph Giancola. Joe was a local man in the Rutland community with deep roots in the community with a clear path in his life to improve Rutland and help others. The first actual Retail location was born on June 3, 2019 in the Stoney brook plaza; a place that Joe had developed from the ground up. In just 3 short years, working part time through his college degree, Hunter quickly grew the company to become what it is known today. Hunter Graduated from Castleton university in 2021 with a bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration in management. Combined with his exponentially growing depth of knowledge of the jewelry industry, his combination of life experience and education creates a new approach to the jewelry industry. In 2020, Hunter began growing his team start with his first employee and current store manager.




Richard comes from a long line of retail experience with the most prominent being a store a manager of the once local Kay Jewelers. With over a decade of experience in retail jewelry, he is very knowledgeable about helping clients achieve what they are looking for in a piece of jewelry. When you meet Richard, you will quickly realize that he values his customers first and foremost. He works around the clock to help his clients with their jewelry needs; Richard always strives to maintain a high level of excellence with his clients.

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